78 Ideas for Using Ideal Wrap

Beeswax food wrap is an incredibly versatile kitchen tool! If you've been using your beeswax wrap for a while, chances are you've discovered an off-beat use or two!

We sat down to write 101 ways to use Ideal Wrap... but we got stuck at 78! Think you can help us out? Submit your unique use (or reuse!) idea in the comments below, and we'll add it to the blog with your very own personal shout-out. 

Thanks to a few of our rad readers, we're now up to 81!

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78 Ideas for Using Beeswax Food Wrap by Ideal Wrap

78 Ideas for Using Beeswax Food Wrap

  1. Keep half an avocado green for a few days
  2. Cover a jar
  3. Cover a dish of leftovers
  4. Pack a sandwich (doubles as a plate!)
  5. Wrap a burrito
  6. Cover your toddy while it brews
  7. Take a veggie snack to work
  8. Wrap washed and chopped veggies for fresh salads all week
  9. Use in place of your daily sandwich bag
  10. Fold a pouch that closes for grapes or cherry tomatoes
  11. Save half an apple for the next day
  12. Cover a bowl of pasta salad
  13. Wrap fresh bread
  14. Freeze breads and bagels
  15. Open a jar
  16. Cover half a melon or gourd
  17. Fold into a bag for cherries and berries
  18. Wrap mangos to prevent over-ripening
  19. Replace a worn-out plastic lid
  20. Store mushrooms using a dumpling fold
  21. Bring fresh flowers home from the market
  22. Cover homemade hummus
  23. Repurpose old wraps into fire-starters
  24. Cover prepped casseroles
  25. Repurpose into liners for packing dishware
  26. Melt additional beeswax pellets on top to create an ultra-durable super thick wrap, great (#grate) for hard and semi-hard cheese!
  27. Keep leftover cornbread from drying out
  28. Use for making California rolls! Spray a light mist of water or vinegar to prevent rice from sticking (https://tasty.co/recipe/california-roll)
  29. Store washed and prepped veggies for weeknight recipes
  30. Practice origami
  31. Wrap half a cabbage to save for next week
  32. Loosely wrap broccoli to extend fridge life
  33. Wrap half an onion to keep the smell out of your fridge
  34. Mold around half of a cucumber – slice the other half and dip in hummus
  35. Store bulk-bin snacks
  36. Tightly wrap cauliflower to keep from turning too quickly
  37. Cover opened tin cans
  38. Store pre-sliced brownies so you can clean the pan
  39. Grate cheese directly onto the wrap to transfer or save for later
  40. Cover dough while it rises
  41. Cover fermentation projects
  42. Store dough in the freezer
  43. Freeze a batch of loose grapes for a sweet frozen treat
  44. Repurpose into liners to keep stacked pans from scratching
  45. Cover your toothbrush while traveling
  46. Surprise a friend with an eco-friendly gift
  47. Cover water kefir grains for extra fizz!
  48. Prevent a cutting board from sliding
  49. Roll your own onigiri!
  50. Store loose baby potatoes on the counter
  51. Wrap cut celery to keep the ends from drying out
  52. Store a wedge or block of cheese
  53. Make a beautiful (and plastic-free!) non-slip shelf liner
  54. Wrap washed and shucked corn cobs for this weekend’s barbeque
  55. Wrap a banana to keep it from ripening too quickly
  56. Fold into a pouch for nuts and seeds
  57. Cover a salad for lunch tomorrow
  58. Pack a cookie for the road
  59. Wrap delicate fruits like pears and plums to prevent damage
  60. Impress your friends with how eco-savvy you are
  61. Go foraging
  62. Store loose or peeled carrots
  63. Pack hard-boiled eggs in your lunch tote
  64. Cover homemade yogurt
  65. Cover a beverage or leftover smoothie
  66. Store bulk-bin dog treats
  67. Store lime and lemon wedges in the fridge
  68. Mold over measuring cup full of homemade dressing
  69. Cover a bowl of fruit salad
  70. Cover a quick bread or loaf pan
  71. Cover a cheese board or charcuterie
  72. Loosely wrap fresh herbs
  73. Store a dry bar of soap for travel or safe keeping
  74. Take a bagel or scone for breakfast
  75. Create a decorative cover for food gifts
  76. Cover overnight oats to retain moisture
  77. Cover open containers of cat food
  78. Store washed and dried romaine hearts
  79. Cut strips of worn out wrap to use as reusable twist ties! - Abbie B.
  80. For a great second life use, wrap a little bit around hangers to make them non-slip for those pesky blouses and wide neck t-shirts. - Maggie B.
  81. I drape loosely over asparagus that I keep stored in a mason jar with water! - Amanda R.

So that's what we've got so far! Any ideas you can't wait to try? Any ideas that just have to be added to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks ladies for submitting your ideas!


  • I drape loosely over asparagus that I keep stored in a mason jar with water!

    Amanda R
  • Thanks Maggie and Abbie! These are great! We’ll add them on to the next iteration.

    Ideal Wrap
  • For a great second life use, wrap a little bit around hangers to make them non-slip for those pesky blouses and wide neck t-shirts.

  • Cut strips of worn out wrap to use as reusable twist ties!


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