How to Fold a Beeswax Wrap into a Pouch

How to fold a beeswax wrap into a pouch - reusable and washable alternative to ziploc bags - Ideal Wrap

How to Fold a Beeswax Wrap into a Pouch

Say buh-bye to plastic baggies! Our washable and reusable beeswax food wrap is the BEST alternative for storing small and sliced fruits, or packing snacks for your next adventure. 

Reasons we love the beeswax wrap pouch

  1. Zero waste - rinse and reuse over and over and over again
  2. Zero mess - easy to clean, simply unfold and rinse - no inside corners to clean
  3. So many sizes - use your medium wrap for packing almonds for a long meeting, use your large wrap to pack grapes in your lunch box, or use your large wrap to store delicate mushrooms or cherry tomatoes
  4. These bright colors make our day every time
  5. Everyone who sees it will think know you're a genius
  6. It's super easy to do - check out our video and see for yourself!


Tips on perfecting your pouch

Square wraps make a more perfect pouch, so start with our extra-large size which is 16x16". Our small, medium, and large wraps are all one inch longer on one side which better accommodate covering oblong veggies and rectangular casserole dishes. 

For a rectangular wrap, fold back the longer side by an inch before Step 1 for a perfect pouch.

Also make sure to apply a little pressure after the last couple of folds to keep your pouch in tact.

Questions? We'd love to answer them! Leave a comment below and we'll get back to you ASAP!

This tutorial features our SUPER FUN Just Pineapples print!



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