5 FAST Ways to Wrap Food in Beeswax Wrap

5 Fast ways to wrap food in beeswax food wrap - Ideal Wrap

5 FAST Ways to Wrap Food in Beeswax Wrap 

(so you can move on to more important things)

There's nothing worse than having just put together the salad of the year, and then having to find a place for all those half-used veggies before you can even dive in. No, really. It's THE WORST. 

That's why we made a short and sweet video with five ways to get those veggies put away quickly - and securely! - using Ideal Wrap beeswax food wrap.

Yes, you CAN just smush your wrap around the rest of that carrot (method #1). But if you're looking for equally quick, yet neater looking options, then this video is for you!

And in #5, we're going to show you the fastest way to put away delicate items like sprouts and mushrooms, and any juicy fruits or veggies you don't want coming in direct contact with your wrap - avocados are a great example! 

Hope you enjoy the video! If you have any questions, email us at idealwrap1@gmail.com or leave a comment below!


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