Three Sustainable Swaps You Can Make Right Now

Reusable goods are (thankfully!) on trend and easy to get your hands on, if you know where to look. Here are three of our favorite swaps that you can make in your kitchen RIGHT NOW to save you money and create less trash!

Here's Three Sustainable Swaps you can make RIGHT NOW!

Stasher Bag

If you haven’t seen the Stasher bag, you should probably get out more. In Target stores everywhere and with over 137k Instagram followers, Stasher is the smart and sexy line of silicone storage bags (with enviable marketing) that anyone can use for, well, just about anything.

Resuable silicone bags from stasher bag

You can basically say goodbye to single-use plastic baggies forever. 

They have a variety of colors, including cute gem tones, and three sizes - snack, sandwich, and half gallon. Stasher’s Instagram page shows a plethora of uses, from freezing salmon to organizing makeup. Stasher is freezable, oven-safe, microwaveable and seals air tight.

The Stasher bag is incredibly durable, including the closure function, which easily creating an air-tight locking seal just by pressing together the two sides. It’s also dishwasher safe, which makes having one of these for everything all the more tempting. 

Update: 4/30/2019 - Stasher just recently came out with a pocket-sized Stasher bag which is just genius. But if you wanted one, you're out of luck! As of this writing they are currently sold out!

    Reusable Straws

    Local beach towns here in Florida are starting to ban plastic straws, and for good reason. We don’t even stop to think before we grab one of these disposable plastic tubes, we might even drop one of the floor and toss it out of habit. But plastic straws (and even paper ones, which aren't much better) are an unnecessary waste, and while you aren’t going to save the world by declining a straw, why waste something you don’t have to?

    Reusable straws (#bringyourownstraw) are popping up as a fun and eco-friendly alternative. Reusable straws are usually metal or silicone, and there is enough variety out there to have something for everyone. Keep one at work, a few at home, and you’ll always have a clean and reusable straw whenever you need it. Metal ones are great for anything you need to stir, but the silicone straws are more comfortable to use, in my opinion. 

    Save One Straw reusable silicone straws in bright colors

    Silicone are super kid-friendly as well! We particularly love the bright colors over at! These silicone straws are bendy and smoothie-sized. I like that I can fold one up inside a stainless bottle or my reusable Starbucks cup.

    Straws are definitely a tricky one, because a lot of times you get handed one without even asking, or just totally forget to have one with you. That’s why it’s great to go ahead and pick up a 4-pack (they are so affordable, after all!) and stash one in your car or bag.

    Beeswax Wrap

    Um, we’re totally biased, but beeswax wrap is a fabulous alternative to plastic wrap, and you can wash and reuse it for months! A high-quality beeswax wrap can last up to a year, and then be repurposed or composted at the end of its life. Beeswax wraps are finally gaining popularity in the United States, after being popular in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Canada for maybe a decade now. There are recipes all over Pinterest for making your own if you're crafty! The process can be a little tough to get right, and you might find you have to tweak your recipe after your first batch.

    Ideal Wrap is a reusable beeswax food wrap that keeps avocados green for days

    If you'd rather they simply show up in your mailbox, Ideal Wrap is here for you. Our wraps are of exceptional quality, and unlike some wraps, you won’t be able to tear one if you try – the fabric is extra-durable. Our wrap also has a premium coating, so it sticks and seals very well to both containers and itself even after dozens of washes. Ideal Wrap also comes in some fun patterns we think you’ll love! 

    Have you made the switch to any of these reusable alternatives? There are probably HUNDREDS of other swaps you can make! What are the easiest? The most frugal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

    3 Sustainable Kitchen Swaps you can make right now to save money and reduce trash

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