Retailer Spotlight: Bulk Nation Foods

As of this month, you can now find Ideal Wrap in FIVE Bulk Nation retail locations across Central Florida!

Retailer Spotlight: Bulk Nation Foods

Bulk Nation is a specialty foods store known for their shop-by-the-scoop, buy-a-little-or-buy-a-lot approach. Bulk Nation offers a curated selection of flours, meals, nuts, freshly ground nut butters, coffee and tea (yep! loose tea!), local honey, baking and soup mixes, local Florida foods, and a wide range of products for specialty diets like keto, paleo, and gluten-free. They also stock kitchen gadgets, dietary supplements, aromatic soaps, and baking supplies! It would pretty much be impossible to recount all their unique offerings in a single blog post. 

Bulk Nation Clermont now carries Ideal Wrap Beeswax Food Wraps

When you walk into a Bulk Nation store, you are welcomed by rows and rows of bins full of legit awesome stuff. I am particularly fond of their Superfood Energy Chunks, which are like a better version of a Clif bar (there, I said it) without the wrapper! I'm also fond of their selection of nuts, which is out of this world -- raw, roasted, salted, chocolate-covered, mixed, flavored... you-freaking-name-it!

The variety at Bulk Nation is awesome!

There is something for everyone, from sour gummy worms to sugar-free chocolate coated almonds to wasabi bridge mix. If you could only pick one place to buy snacks for the rest of your life, you would want it to be Bulk Nation. And you may never even have to eat the same snack twice. Pro tip: headed to a movie? Hit up Bulk Nation first for a WAY better candy and treat selection!

While there are plenty of stores with bulk foods in bins, because of their unique focus, none of them hold a candle to the selection that Bulk Nation offers. And while some people might be turned off by the plastic bags, I'm here to tell you it's a non-issue, and here is why.

Bring your own containers

For one, you can bring your own containers from home. A super-friendly staff member will tare your containers when you come in using a small label. Reusable silicone bags like these from Saffron Goods (also sold at Bulk Nation!) make a great, dishwasher-friendly option. You can also bring your own jars, ziplocs, or other clean containers.

But if you find yourself stopping by unplanned, buying from a bulk bin and using the provided plastic bags is STILL less packaging than buying the same product in the grocery store. For instance, you can purchase 2 lbs. of brownie mix (and you should, because you only have to add water, and they're bomb) using the equivalent of a produce bag. This is a lot less packaging than two boxes of brownie mix which of course, is bagged inside of the box. Same goes for pizza dough mix, protein powder, popcorn, or treats for your poodle. You're still going home with less packaging than if you buy the same products from a traditional grocery store (or even a fancy natural organic grocery store for that matter!).

Bulk Nation carries lots of local Florida products

But regardless, Bulk Nation is actively working to reduce their plastic bags all the same. This year, they'll begin phasing in bags made from post-consumer materials, creating incentives for bringing your own containers, and offer more reusable and plastic-free goods in stores! 

Ideal Wrap is here, too!

And (you guessed it), that's where Ideal Wrap comes in! While Ideal Wrap isn't a container and isn't a great option for buying from bins, it's a practical, environmentally-forward addition for any retailer wishing to include eco-friendly alternatives and show their customers, "We're listening, and we care." Retailers doing this right now are leading the way in the minds of plastic-conscious consumers.

Bulk Nation now offers glass straws from Simply Straws, reusable silicone storage bags from Saffron Goods, beeswax food wrap from yours truly, and other products like bamboo straws are coming soon!

Plus, the shelves are full of surprises. You'll find so much fun stuff that you've never even heard of! My fun-pick this week was a bag of Coffee Flour from Nature's Earthly Choice. Never even heard of such a thing, but it's rich in iron and antioxidants, so I mean, I just had to try it! ;)

Earthly Choice Coffee Flour is an example of off-beat health foods sold at Bulk Nation

Ideal Wrap is stocked and ready to go home with you at the following Bulk Nation Locations! 

Clermont | Clermont Landing

Clearwater | Countryside Center

Largo | Largo Mall

Lakeland | Shoppes of Lakeland

Brandon | Regency Square

Don't see your town? Find your closest Bulk Nation store (and get your hands on that brownie mix!).

Do you shop at Bulk Nation?! Have you ever bought coffee flour? What are your favorite snacks to buy in bulk? Continue the conversation in the comments below!

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