Why buy from us?

TEN Great Things about Ideal Wrap Wholesale for your small grocery store or boutique!

There's a lot to love about Ideal Wrap wholesale! From our highly reusable product in recycled packaging to our steadfast commitment to keeping our retailers happy as can be.

Here's ten reasons why Ideal Wrap Wholesale is right for YOU!

    1. You get to SHOW your customers you care about the environment and that you support their efforts to minimize single-use plastics at home by offering a reusable and compostable product with recycled packaging.
    2. Your customers will love the durability and versatility of our beautiful and easy-to-use product (check out the product testimonials at the bottom of this page!).
    3. You get the personal attention and flexibility that only a small family-owned business can offer.
    4. You get low minimums (only 10 units) so you can buy only what you need to stock your retail space, no matter how small.
    5. You get fast and free shipping -- your order goes out the next business day, and we don't charge you for it.
    6. You and your customers get a 90-day money-back complete happiness guarantee on every purchase.
    7. You and your customers can find useful information on our consumer-focused informative website with instructions for use and care, as well as tips for getting the most out of your wrap.
    8. You and your customers can communicate with us directly and get even more product information from our robust social media presence.
    9. Ordering and reordering is easy and fast! You simply email us a list of items and quantities, and we take care of the rest. No portals, no passwords, no order forms.
    10. You get the best customer support available. Want something unique just for your store? Interested in private label? Let us know! Making things happen is what we do best.
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    Product Testimonials

    "Garden to Glass Mixology needed an eco-friendly alternative to plastic, and we cannot be more happy with Ideal Wrap! We strive to re-use all available products to create a sustainable mobile beverage service, and the durability and flexibility of Ideal Wrap has made our jobs so much easier.  We love the versatility of their line of wraps, and how easy they are to use in place of plastic.  There seems to be nothing Ideal Wrap can't handle!  Keep up the great work team." - Michelle Stohlgren, Garden to Glass Mixology

    "If you meal prep or cook at home, this is a must. Best way to cover things instead of using Saran wrap. Best alternative to wrap up sandwiches and food to go. And reusable means I don't have to keep buying foil/plastic or make trash!!" - Sam C.

    "This is hands down THE BEST way to cover water kefir. Even in the dead of winter in the Midwest my water kefir is FIZZY, light, and delicious! And my grains have never looked healthier after only using it twice! I am completely sold. I can't wait to try it for yogurt!" - Kari B.

    "These wraps are amazing! From the quality to how flipping cute they are! They rinse off very well, don't crack like others, and all around are amazing. I wrapped an avocado and it was still perfectly green 5 or 6 days later when I had forgotten about it. Thanks!" - Amanda R.

    "These re-usable wraps are another example of being a conscious consumer. While they probably won’t solve climate change they are a large step in the right direction, over time save you money and decrease your exposure to chemicals. And so far I am really impressed with the quality. 👌" - Sarah T.

    "The colors are vibrant and the pattern is so cute. After using this, I'll never use plastic wrap again! It's convenient and reusable, and it only takes a quick rinse to clean off! I definitely recommend!" - Angelina H.

    "I love my Ideal Wrap!! I use it all the time at home and I highly recommend it to everyone! Great gift idea too! ♥" - Liz P.


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