Collection: Original Variety Packs (4-packs)

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Our Variety Packs include 1 Small (7 x 8"), 1 Medium (10 x 11"), 1 Large (13 x 14"), and 1 Extra-Large (16 x 16"!) wrap!

Small size fits → lemon, small apple, avocado half, 1 oz nuts or seeds, cheese snack, end of a cucumber

Medium size fits → large onion, large avocado, grapefruit, scone or muffin

Large size fits → perfect size for sandwiches, medium cabbage, carrots, covers bowls and dishes

Extra-Large size fits → Large cabbage, celery, romaine hearts, folds into large pouch for grapes and cherry tomatoes, great for very large sandwiches and covering large casserole dishes

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